A Day at Brooklyn Brewery

  Brooklyn Brewery-15.jpg Earlier this fall when Rebecca was in town to visit, her sister came to Brooklyn all the way from Boston to spend the day with us in Williamsburg.  We spent part of the morning shopping, but by the afternoon we were ready to grab a few drinks and catch up. Everyone wanted to grab a beer, and even though it's in my neighborhood I had never been to Brooklyn Brewery, so we decided to head there.  It ended up being a really fun afternoon.  You not only get to sample all their beers, but they also run tours every hour so you can see how the beers are made. Brooklyn Brewery-1.jpg Brooklyn Brewery-11.jpg Brooklyn Brewery-12.jpg Brooklyn Brewery-10.jpg After our tour, we were ready to drink!  While Brooklyn Brewery is vegan friendly, if you go there know not all their beers are vegan.  According to their website:
All of our beers are vegan friendly, with just a few exceptions: Brooklyn Local 2, Brooklyn BAMboozle, our past Brewmaster’s Reserve beers Buzz Bomb and The Concoction, Highline Elevated Wheat, and AMA Bionda, all of which contain honey. Our cask beers are filtered with the vegan-friendly Biofine Clear.
It still leaves plenty of beers to choose from! Brooklyn Brewery-3.jpgBrooklyn Brewery-6.jpg All in all it was totally worth me cheating and having gluten.  The beers were delicious, and totally worth the stop.  Also, though I didn't see any while I was there I hear they are dog friendly.

What to Wear to a Brooklyn Wedding

Sharon and Erik's Wedding WHAT I'M WEARING // DRESS Vintage 80's, thrifted (similar here) // JACKET Gracia, via Lit Boutique in Boston (similar here) // SHOES Olsen Haus (old) // CLUTCH Target // EARRINGS Jewelmint

It's been forever since I've done an outfit post for you guys, so here you go!

This past weekend Jim and I attended our friends Sharon & Erik's wedding.  It was held here in Williamsburg at the swank King & Grove Hotel.  This was a really interesting wedding to dress for, because per the invite it said "Wear What You'd Like" and we knew it was going to be a mix of hipsters, fashion industry peeps (the Groom owns a successful street wear label) and other pretty casual folks.

Jim and I took an edgier approach.  Jim got my vote for best dressed dude, pairing a really awesome graphic tee with his old wedding tux and cool sneakers.

I scored this awesome vintage 80's denim bodycon dress while thrifting the weekend before and the second I saw it knew it was perfect to wear to this wedding.  My faux leather Gracia jacket Jim got me as a gift on our recent visit to Boston is almost too perfect with it, considering the banding on the jacket complimented the banding of the dress.

I knew I was going to be dancing the night away, and my Olsen Haus cage heels are some of the most comfortable heels I own, and they worked perfect!  Added the edge I was looking for with this outfit, while allowing me to dance and run around Williamsburg for hours after the wedding.

Sharon and Erik's Wedding Sharon and Erik's Wedding

Sharon and Erik's Wedding

This wedding was so much fun, and it was all captured best in the reception's photo booth!  Me, the bride Sharon and our friend Glenna (who you may remember from my Wanderlust trip) are in the first two strips.  I love the middle one where we're imitating yoga poses, very appropriate considering our recent adventure.  The last one features me, Jim, Glenna and her husband Tony livin' it up!

Sharon and Erik's Wedding - Photobootg Pics

What did you wear to the last wedding you attended?

Chicago Meets Brooklyn

The weekend before last not only was it absolutely gorgeous outside, but my college BFF Bex came to visit us in Brooklyn all the way from Chicago! Last year I made the trip out to see her, and this year, both her as well as her sister came out to the better borough to see what it's all about. With the exception of a day trip into Manhattan to see the Met, we spent the entire time in my neighborhood in Williamsburg.  There's so much to do!  One thing I learned is I seriously need to get out more. Here's some of my favorite snaps from Bex's visit.

Camera Roll-1779

Us on the roof at the Met.

Camera Roll-1706

Bex giving NYC style bagels a giant thumbs up!

Camera Roll-1711

Exploring the Met.

Camera Roll-1736

Bex being silly (per usual).

Camera Roll-1732

Grabbing sushi and cocktails at Bozu.

Camera Roll-1745

Just part of my haul while thrifting.

Camera Roll-1740

I've lived in Williamsburg for over 8 years and had never, ever been to Brooklyn Brewery.  No better time than now!  I made an exception for gluten obviously.

Camera Roll-1742

Learning about beerz.

Camera Roll-1750

Farewell brunch including vegan "Eggs" Benedict at Champs.

Gwynnett Street

Gwynnett Street Last Thursday evening, Jim and I participated in Dine Out Williamsburg for Sandy Relief. Gwynnett Street was a participating restaurant, and we've been dying to try it out for a while. What better way to try out a fancy new bistro than a night when 20% of their gross profits are going to provide relief to Sandy victims? Gwynnett Street This meal totally impressed me.  Gwynnett Street is very vegan friendly.  So much so, they always have a vegan appetizer, entrée and dessert on their menu at any given time. Jim started out with their Whiskey Bread, which wasn't vegan but vegetarian.  It came with cultured butter and looked delicious.  I wish it was vegan, it looked so yummy it was torture looking at it. Gwynnett Street For my appetizer I had the winter squash with bell pepper, szechuan pepper and peppercress.  Holy moly this was delicious.  Textures were great.  The squash had a nice bite to it, the herbs were flash fried, and it also had what I believe were pepitas throughout it which gave it additional crunch against the soft vermicelli noodles.  The sauce was delicately sweet and had a hint of citrus.  It was also probably one of the most gorgeously plated vegan dishes I think I've ever had. Gwynnett Street For my entrée, I finally got to try their tofu.  This restaurant like Roberta's was awarded a two star review by the New York Times, and the reviewer raved about their house made tofu. This night it was prepared crusted in pistachio with avocado, celery and celtuce.  The texture was more reminiscent of a pate to me, and it had a great pistachio crust.  Very light and tasty, perfectly paired with the raw avocado, celery and celtuce (which I think is a combination between celery and lettuce?). Gwynnett Street What absolutely made my night is when the waitress told me the chef was going to come up with a specialty vegan dessert for me.  She later came back out with what I believe was a sorbet with poached pears, fall spices (lots of cinnamon), a nut cream sauce, and fresh berries.  This was as delicious and seasonal as it sounds.  Isn't the plating beautiful? Gwynnett Street I was extremely pleased with my meal at Gwynett Street and will for sure be back.  It's now one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood. Have you tried the vegan options at Gwynett Street?  What did you think?

Go Brooklyn Open Studios

Jim's Brooklyn Open Studios 2012 Last weekend, my husband Jim participated in GO Brooklyn Open Studios. The event is organized by the Brooklyn Museum, and the way it works is local artists throughout the borough open up their studios for the public to tour and view their art. Jim's Brooklyn Open Studios 2012 Jim's Brooklyn Open Studios 2012 I helped Jim man the studio both Saturday and Sunday and the turnout was awesome! Despite the horrendous down pour on Saturday, we were really surprised by how many people still came out to view everyone's art. Jim also had lots of our friends come out to support him and see his art for the very first time as well. Jim's Brooklyn Open Studios 2012 As a fun project, Jim took polaroids of a lot of the people who came through with plans to post them on the wall in his studio. It was a big hit. Everyone loves having their photo taken, especially polaroids. He also provided refreshments and snacks, which I thought was a nice touch. Jim's Brooklyn Open Studios 2012 Jim's Brooklyn Open Studios 2012 Jim's Brooklyn Open Studios 2012 Jim's Brooklyn Open Studios 2012 Most importantly, his recent body of work is incredible, and I am so excited he finally had an opportunity to share it with the public. He's so talented, and I can't wait to see where he takes some of his series and concepts.

Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger My BFF Nikki and I have been finding it's pretty tough to get together lately. We're both so busy with work, and she's living in Manhattan while I'm obviously in Brooklyn. That may not seem like it's that far, but it's far enough not to be super convenient to get together, especially being such over-career-achievers.  So what we've been doing lately to make it a priority to see each other  is doing dinner every few weeks, and alternating between new places to try in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Last week, the dinner spot we chose was my absolute favorite, Wild Ginger. If you're vegan and have yet to try them out, make sure you stop by there while visiting NYC. There's several locations ranging from Manhattan to Brooklyn. We decided to meet up at the Williamsburg one in my neighborhood. I'm not ashamed to admit I order take out from here waaaay too often.  We gorged on some of my favorites, including their miso soup, fried spinach and "cheese" wontons (the sauce is to die for!), general tso's soy protein, and finished up the meal with a good ol' peanut butter bomb! Wild Ginger Wild Ginger Wild Ginger Wild Ginger Wild Ginger Wild Ginger Wild Ginger Wild Ginger

Time to Get Naked / At Bootcamp

My totes diesel friend Tracy of Tracy Helsing Fitness.

I love going to the gym as you may or may not know, and the women solely responsible for the shape I'm in is my BFF Tracy Helsing.  Tracy's a personal trainer and fitness professional who really knows her stuff.  She very recently made her television debut as of the trainers on Food Network's Fat Chef show.  She's a total badass and will make you cry if you don't do enough squats to make your ass perfect. Tracy is teaming up with fellow trainers Faith Pilger and Dorian Cervantes to offer outdoor bootcamps 9 am each Saturday in June at Williamsburg's McCarren Park.  Classes are an hour long and it's $125 for the entire 5 week session, or $30 a class. Visit their Facebook Page to sign up.  All you have to do is click "like". You can email Tracy at tracyhelsing@gmail.com with any other questions. Seriously, the more the merrier, so please pass the word on and bring your friends as there will be plenty of tag team, cooperative and group exercises. If you are serious about getting in bikini shape for summer, or about looking good NAKED, make sure you visit their page today before it gets sold out.

Caracas Arepas Bar

Caracas Arepas Bar Last week, Jim and I felt like going out to eat so we stopped by Caracas Arepas Bar. I had eaten there before and loved it, and Jim had never been. Caracas Arepas Bar It was a beautiful evening out so we opted for their outdoor seating area. Caracas Arepas Bar If you're a vegetarian or a vegan, they have lots of veg friendly options and are open to modifying. The arepas are crazy filling, inexpensive and delicious. Caracas Arepas Bar Caracas Arepas Bar This summer we plan on trying as many new restaurants as we can. I love dining al fresco.

Wythe Hotel, Vice and Faile

The new Wythe Hotel in my 'hood. I can't believe I went to this event and tool these photos almost a month ago! Time seriously flies. I've been so busy lately traveling for work that I've had zero time to post and edit photos. Makes me totes sad. At the Vice Faile Party #vice #faile #wythehotel #williamsburg The Wythe Hotel very recently opened up in my neighborhood, and a few weeks back they held a party with Vice Magazine to show off the hotel, as well as to showcase some works by the very talented street art collective Faile. Jim and I had a blast, enjoying the free cocktails and making some new friends. Photo Stream-999 Jim and I both have been trying to make it a point to get out more and go to local events. There are so many in our neighborhood at any given time, it's a crime for us not to check out at least one a week. It'll be so much easier for me once I'm not traveling so much and my schedule goes back to normal again.

12 Dates of Christmas / Date 1

12 Dates of Christmas 2011 Damn. It's amazing how immediately following Thanksgiving life blasts past at warp speed. I've been busier than ever at work ( lots of travel, yuck!) and on top of that trying to get caught up for the holidays. While catching up with my Google Reader, I read about this great concept called "The 12 Dates of Christmas" on the Rockstar Diaries. Basically if your married or in a relationship, the holiday season is a great excuse to make time for 12 dates. Jim and I are trying it this year. Our first date was to check out the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, which was a short 3 day bazaar filled with artisan gifts, treats and food. Though we didn't find any gifts there, we did pig out on some Asia Dogs and Regal Vegan grub. And the mulled wine was a nice touch too. 12 Dates of Christmas 2011 12 Dates of Christmas 2011 12 Dates of Christmas 2011 12 Dates of Christmas 2011 12 Dates of Christmas 2011 12 Dates of Christmas 2011 12 Dates of Christmas 2011 12 Dates of Christmas 2011 12 Dates of Christmas 2011 12 Dates of Christmas 2011
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