Pinning / Bike Style

So now that I have a bike, any spare time I now have is spent obsessively pinning cool bike gear and images to Pinterest. Here's some of my recent favorites, which are sparking tons of ideas ranging from how I'm going to store my bike, to maybe a doing a DIY pannier bag project.

I adore this black and white striped pannier basket.  Unfortunately they're sold out.  Guess I'll have to make one myself.

This makes me wish we had a Brooklyn loft with exposed brick walls.


STRIPED HELMET!! 'Nuff said.

We had plans to put a bench in our entry way, but since I got the bike we thought we couldn't do it.  If we set it up like this though we can!

I love the equestrian style bike helmet.  So chic, and kind of reminds me of a skater helmet too.

What must have gear can you think of that I should get for my bike?  I'd love to hear what you guys think.

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Pinning / Bedroom Redesign Inspiration

As part of Jim and my Cleaning House project, one big part of the project is re-designing our bedroom. We had re-designed our apartment back around 5 years ago immediately after we got married, and the bedroom was the first room we did. Somehow between doing the bedroom and the rest of the apartment, our tastes changed and now our bedroom makes no cohesive sense to the rest of the apartment. It's really bizarre. For example, our bedroom's color palette is sage green and dark brown and the ENTIRE rest of the apartment is gray, white and different shades of purple. So our goal is to make our bedroom a cozier version of the rest of the apartment. I started a dedicated board on Pinterest . Here's some of my favorites so far.
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Pinning Hair Change Ideas

Happy Friday! This past week has been another whirlwind one for me. I had a big year and a half long project finish up at work that launched Tuesday, and I had to put in extra hours to work out all the kinks. Yuck.  I also started Crossfit, as well as celebrated my 4th wedding anniversary with Jim.  I'm looking forward to the weekend and getting to kick back a bit and slow down. I have a haircut appointment tonight, so I've been pinning some ideas on how to change it up. I know I'm keeping it long, but love the idea of adding even more curly layers, and maybe even dip-dying the ends (which I've been thinking about doing forever). Whatever I decide, it'll be a surprise! Are you on Pinterest? I'm an addict. Check out my pins and follow me here.

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