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Lock Me Up

Lock Me Up What I'm Wearing / Old Navy Tee (similar) / Lasso Faux Leather Jacket (similar) / Mavi Jeans / JustFab Keira Moto Boots (c/o) / Gap Beanie (thrifted) Okay, so go ahead and lock me up.  This is seriously pretty much the same outfit I wore last weekend, aside for a few adjustments to accommodate the warmer weather and activities I'd be doing that day.  Jim and I decided to do a last-minute Costco run which resulted in me grabbing the first things I saw in my closet and throwing them on.  Flat shoes, check.  Comfy t-shirt, check.  Beanie (my recent obsession), check.  Sure, I look like I belong in jail but the outfit did the job. Lock Me Up Lock Me Up What item in your closet do you currently have on repeat that should have you thrown in fashion jail?

Vegan Winter Coat Roundup

This post originally appeared last week on my column Vegan Vogue I write for I Eat Grass. If you haven't stopped by I Eat Grass yet, be sure to do so! Vaute Vegan winter coats have come a long way. It used to be the only warm options out there were synthetic filled puffer coats. While warm, it's sometimes hard to feel chic and sexy when you're all puffed up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  Now with advances in fabric technology, vegans have many more options when it comes to selecting a coat to keep them warm all winter long. While selecting new coats for myself, I had been on the lookout for a while for a vegan dress coat, as well as a warm, casual parka.  For my dress coat, I've fallen head over heels for my Vaute Couture Belden coat (shown on me above, $430.00).  The parka I eventually found and purchased is the Topshop Faux Fur Trimmed Parka below.   Mine is all black (from last season) and absolutely adore it. The faux fur interior keeps me super toasty. During the Fall 2012 runway shows this past February it was all about big, boxy coat silhouettes. Just because you're vegan doesn't mean you can't participate in this trend, there are tons of options!  Here are some of my favorite vegan friendly coat picks currently in stores.
Topshop Faux Fur Trim Parka $196.00
Topshop Neoprene Oversize Boyfriend Coat $230.00
ASOS Neoprene Coat $86.23 (currently on sale)
Topshop Petite Check Cocoon Coat $180.00
Topshop Faux Leather Trim Baja Coat $110.00
Old Navy Women's Long Belted Frost Free Coat $95.00* *Edit: When I first put this round-up together, the Old Navy coat was listed as being 100% polyester and had no mention of down in the product description at all, which landed it a spot on this list.  Looks like after this post was written, an upset vegan customer posted a negative review on the coat on Old Navy's website stating they received the coat and were very upset that on it's label it listed goose down as a material.  This was is extremely misleading based on the website description. Old Navy since has updated their website and it's safe to say this coat is not vegan.  Sorry for any confusion! What vegan coat are you wearing this winter?
Vegan Vogue is a lifestyle and style column focusing on all things in vogue and vegan. More tips from Corrie Feld can be found at her website Brooklyn Bliss. Follow her on Twitter @CorrieFeld

Bare Minimum

Lazy Weekend {Wearing: Tee: Old Navy; Jeans: Mavi; Sandals: Melissa}

This past weekend I didn't want to do much of anything aside from sit on the couch and stuff my face.  Jim and I went to see a Jane's Addiction concert on Friday, and I did somehow manage to try out a Crossfit class on Saturday (which I'm still sore from!).  That was the extent of my physical activity. The rest of the weekend was spent me on the couch watching Netflix.  Next weekend I won't have this luxury with the Color Run being on Saturday.

Sunday the most I did was walk the dog, and this is what I wore to do it.  Basic tee-shirt, jeans, sandals.  Bare minimum needed to look presentable.

How was your weekend?

Lazy Weekend Lazy Weekend

Brooklyn Tribal

Brooklyn Tribal{Maxi Dress: Old Navy; Sandals: Melissa; Belt: H&M} I bought this Old Navy dress back in July specifically for my Boston trip and I love it.  I've been wearing it to death this summer (that along with those neon sandals I'm sure everyone is already sick of seeing!).  I'm pretty picky with what patterns I wear.  I absolutely hate florals.  So this tribal print was a great, fresh addition to my wardrobe. What new patterns have you been sporting this summer? Brooklyn Tribal Brooklyn Tribal Brooklyn Tribal Brooklyn Tribal

Urban Patriotic

Urban Patriotic {Shirt: Old Navy; Faux Leather Shorts: Free People; Wedges: Target; Cuff: H&M; Sunglasses: Canal Street Vendor; Bag: Cornelia Guest}

There's something about a chambray shirt that just screams All-American to me. I usually associate it with even more denim and images of red, white and blue. I've about worn my chambray into the ground but still refuse to retire it. I love how versatile it is, and how easily it can easily be toughened up with some faux leather.

Urban Patriotic

Urban Patriotic

Urban Patriotic

Urban Patriotic

July 4th

July 4th 2012 {Blouse: Old Navy; Jeans: Mavi; Shoes: Zara (vegan,found on Ebay); Headscarf: Vintage (my grandmother's); Clutch/Wallet: Gunas}

Jim and I took an early bus up to Boston on the 4th, and got in around 11 am. We took our time getting acquainted to the city and our hotel, walking around Chinatown, and grabbing some lunch. In the late evening, we had a quick wardrobe change and got ready to go out to dinner. A red, white and blue headscarf is as patriotic as I get on the 4th. During the day, I wore this same outfit from the waist up.  I just had on denim shorts and my neon yellow sandals instead of the jeans and heels.   If you checked out my packing tutorial yesterday, anything from the waist up I was actually wearing while taking the photos for that post, which is why they're not included in the photos. Just before dinner we headed up to the roof top deck, being it was recommended by the hotel concierge as being a good spot to watch the fireworks.  We enjoyed the view and took these few quick shots before headed out for some pizza and wine for dinner (I'll be doing an entire post on all the food we had in Boston very soon!).   After dinner, we decided we'd probably have a better view of the sunset and the following fireworks from our hotel balcony.  So we went back to our room, enjoyed the stunning sunset, and watched the Boston Pops 4th of July Spectacular on TV.  Once the fireworks started, it was hard to miss them.  We had the most amazing view! July 4th 2012 July 4th 2012 July 4th 2012 July 4th 2012 July 4th 2012 July 4th 2012 How did you spend the July 4th holiday?

Spots and Dots

Dots and Spots {Blouse: Old Navy; Shorts: Market Publique; Wedges: Target; Bag: Nine West (old)}

On Sunday during Memorial Day weekend Jim and I decided to head to the city and view the Whitney Biennial. It was pretty hot and sticky out, so I wanted to wear something that would be cool outside while be air conditioner friendly inside the gallery as well. I also wanted to be on the dressier side because galleries are always more fun when you're a bit dressed up. My vintage polka dot shorts paired with my cheetah spot bag proved to suit my needs perfectly. Dots and Spots Dots and Spots Dots and Spots Dots and Spots

Didn’t Do It

Haircut Day So I didn't cut my hair as I had planned to. I had major plans to get this rad curly bob, but after some discussion with my stylist, my curls are a lot looser than Keri Hilson's and to pull off that cut I'd potentially need to use a curling iron. I was looking for a cut that was less maintenance than my current style (i.e. NO maintenance), so that obviously wasn't going to work for me.  I've also been kind of liking my hair better since I've been styling my bangs all curly and flipping it all over into a deep side part.  First day I wore it this way in public I had a famous artist at an art opening ask me if I was an Italian movie star (true story!). So not wanting to screw up a hairstyle that already had potential, I had my stylist add in some additional layers to make it "bigger".  I kind of consider a more modernized version of an 80's style.  So far I love it.

Haircut Day {Dress: Old Navy (similar one here); Jacket: no brand (similar one here); Wedges: Target; Necklace: Gift}

I have this bad habit of never going out to do anything after getting my haircut. Reason I say it's bad is no girl's hair is ever as awesome as after they go to the salon, so it's all the reason to make plans to go out on the town after an appointment. I always just go home and veg out. Instead of making it a total waste of a good hair day, I decided to try out Jim and my new photo backdrop we installed in our office. Portia even came in for an appearance. The backdrop works really well, just have to get some better light equipment I think. And I think next time I take photos I won't wrap the backdrop around to the floor so I look like I'm floating. It was fun to test out though! Haircut Day Haircut Day

Vegan Versions / Cambridge Satchel

Here's a quick vegan versions for you. I've always loved the neon Cambridge Satchels you see all over the street style bloggersphere. I hadn't to date been able to really find a decent non-leather version, but did come across this adorable, super in-expensive version from Old Navy of all places.  The Old Navy version is a bit smaller and only comes in neon yellow, black and white but for $14 who the heck cares!


Yoga 1 {Chambray Shirt: Old Navy; Striped Dress (worn as tunic): H&M; Leggings: Forever21: Boots: MIA via After 6; Camera Bag: THEIT; Sunglasses: thrifted}
I wore this last weekend to go to yoga and brunch with Tracy.  I knew we were going to head out to eat immediately after class, so I needed to wear something comfortable, yet put together for going to a restaurant.  For yoga, I obviously left the boots in my locker along with the chambray shirt and put them on again when class was done.  It worked perfectly! Now I'm on the hunt for more work out gear I can wear immediately after a workout without looking like a gym rat/slob after.  If anyone has any suggestions, throw them my way! Yoga 2 Yoga 3
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