Lock Me Up

Lock Me Up What I'm Wearing / Old Navy Tee (similar) / Lasso Faux Leather Jacket (similar) / Mavi Jeans / JustFab Keira Moto Boots (c/o) / Gap Beanie (thrifted) Okay, so go ahead and lock me up.  This is seriously pretty much the same outfit I wore last weekend, aside for a few adjustments to accommodate the warmer weather and activities I'd be doing that day.  Jim and I decided to do a last-minute Costco run which resulted in me grabbing the first things I saw in my closet and throwing them on.  Flat shoes, check.  Comfy t-shirt, check.  Beanie (my recent obsession), check.  Sure, I look like I belong in jail but the outfit did the job. Lock Me Up Lock Me Up What item in your closet do you currently have on repeat that should have you thrown in fashion jail?

Back to Black

Back to Black {What I'm Wearing: Denim Moto Jacket: Levi's (via Crossroads Trading Co.); Tee: Gap (via Buffalo Exchange); Jeans: Mavi; Heels: Target; Bag: Cornelia Guest} I wore this my first day back to work after my Denver to Chicago trip. Anytime I'm functioning on near zero sleep and can't think, I always wear black. You just can't go wrong with it. I had picked up this awesome tee while in Chicago so it worked perfect. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn it was now almost sweater weather in NYC, so I threw on my new denim moto jacket (also a Chicago find) and ran out the door to work. What followed I seriously couldn't make up. I go out to my car and guess what? Some jerk broke into it. The timing of this couldn't be more ironic because I was just telling Bex the day prior how rare it is to have cars broken into in my neighborhood. Go figure. Oh, and the vandal didn't take any of the valuables, they left them in the car. The only thing they took was my proof of insurance and registration. What... the...hell? It's like their primary goal was to make life as inconvenient as possible for whoever's car they broke into. After having to file a police report (because of the missing documents, I needed proof in case I get pulled over while waiting for new ones), clean up the glass and vacuum the car out, I finally got into the office. I go to turn my computer on and it doesn't turn on. It's totally dead. So I got to spend the rest of the day waiting for replacement parts to arrive to replace its power supply. I got zero done. I eventually get home from work only to have to take a parking spot a block away because all the street parking is taken by heavy machinery. Guess the city decided this week was a good week to replace our sewage pipes. Yay! Trying to remain positive, the backhoe did make an awesome photo backdrop. Back to Black Back to Black Back to Black


Road Trip

Wearing {Fedora: Target; Tank: Calvin Klein; Skirt: Buffalo Exchange; Sandals: Melissa; Tote: Gap; Sunglasses: Vintage via Brooklyn Flea}

Jim and I this past Sunday took a quick road trip to Philly to visit his family and go to a birthday party.  Philly is only a two hour car drive from Brooklyn, so it's a great same day road trip destination. On our way back instead of going the more direct, highway route we took a detour and made a quick stop at the Old City District.  Jim and I love all things old and historical so we took a quick hour break to stretch our legs, walk around and check out the sites.  He also got to reminisce a bit being he grew up in the area. This alley proved to be the perfect backdrop for a few quick outfit shots.  Jim has the patience of a saint and eye of a professional photographer.  He totally called that the lighting was perfect and it was. Stay tuned tomorrow for some of my favorite shots of the amazing, historical architecture we saw during our walk. Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip Road Trip

Hot High Line

Highline{Blouse: H&M (thrifted); Shorts & Cuff: H&M; Wedges: Target; Tote: Gap; Sunglasses: Vintage (Brooklyn Flea)}

This past Tuesday, I took the day off from work for an extended Memorial Day holiday. Jim and I spent the day in Manhattan visiting the High Line extension in Chelsea, and then doing some gallery hopping in the area. It's safe to say we were both pretty "arted-out" after the weekend was over. It was ridiculously hot out, so I decided to try out an outfit similar to my Memorial Day Inspiration board and go with a breezy leopard blouse, shorts and wedges. I seem to be gravitating towards blouses and shorts a lot this season. Stay tuned for posts on both our High Line adventure as well as our gallery hopping in the next day or so! Highline Highline Highline

LB Sundress

LB Sundress {Dress: Crossroads Trading; Tote Bag: Gap; Sandals: Alloy (old); Sunglasses: Canal Street Vendor} Last weekend Jim and I on Sunday spent the entire day outdoors. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and it would have been a crime not to take advantage of it. We took Portia to the dog park for a bit, and then walked over to the Bedford Avenue section of Williamsburg to check out some shops and grab dinner. We later than evening went to see a comedy act at the Knitting Factory. Being it was warm out, I decided to try out my new mullet hem black dress I scored at Crossroads a few weeks back. It's a great update to my wardrobe being it plays on a trend as well as is versatile. I see myself wearing it a lot this summer and even into the fall. LB Sundress What's your go to outfit for a day out and about your neighborhood?

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