Eden Vegan Cafe

Eden Cafe Back in October when Jim and I were headed upstate to the Finger Lakes, we decided halfway on the trip we wanted to stop and grab lunch. The halfway point of the trip was Scranton PA, so while Jim drove I took to my iPhone to start searching for options.  Anytime I travel, I love to search Yelp to find new places to eat.  If there's a vegan establishment, I always try to stop there to try it out.  Lucky for us, Eden was located right in town a short 5 minutes from the highway, so we stopped in to grab a quick bite. Eden Cafe All in all, the menu was pretty extensive!  I had a hard time deciding.  I eventually decided to go on a gluten bender and get a burger, complete with soy "bacon" and cheese, topped with vegan chilli and a side of mashed potatoes (yay carbs!!).  Jim took the sensible route and built his own salad. And of course I HAD to have a soda.  And a cookie.  I was on vacation after all. Eden Cafe Eden Cafe Eden Cafe The food was pretty damn delicious and well worth the stop.  Here's hoping my travels take me past Scranton again sometime soon so I can stop back.  Yum.

Vegan Cuts Box / Review


Vegan Cuts August 2013 Box Review

I'm a lucky girl.  Vegan Cuts sent me their August snack box to try out!  I've been wanting to try a Vegan Cuts box forever, so this was a fun treat for me.

If you're unfamiliar with Vegan Cuts, they're a vegan online marketplace that features all sorts of vegan goodies.  In addition to buying items a la carte, you also have the option to try a subscription service where Vegan Cuts will send you a box full of different samples to try out each month for $19.95.  Currently they offer a snack box, and a new beauty box (which I'd love to try as well!)

For August's box, there were several items I couldn't test out being I'm gluten-intolerant.  Jim on the other hand had no issues testing those out.  Here's a quick recap of what came in this month's box and what Jim and I enjoyed most.

Vegan Cuts August 2013 Box ReviewVegan Cuts August 2013 Box Review

The Macro Greens Nutrient Rich Superfood Bar was one of my favorites.  I loved that it was gluten-free, chocolate, and not too sweet.  I had it as my mid-morning snack at work and it kept me satiated through lunch.  I'd for sure pick these up again if I saw them at my local grocer.

Vegan Cuts August 2013 Box Review

Lady Jane's Toasted Hemp Seeds w/Sea Salt was also pretty yummy, though I had some difficulty not spilling the seeds all over my desk due to its packaging.  I really enjoy hemp hearts on things like salads and such, and I had no idea they even came roasted so that was a bit of a treat for me.  The only thing that surprised me is for such a tiny package how calorically dense these seeds are.  Granted they are full of nutrients, protein and keep you full, they had a bit more fat in them than I usually eat for a snack.

Vegan Cuts August 2013 Box Review

The Boulder Canyon Rice & Bean Chips were by far my favorite!  They had this interesting umami flavor I think due to the Adzuki beans.  They were light, crisp and slightly salty.  I ate them solo, they were so flavorful on their own I wouldn't want to ruin the experience dipping these in anything.  I will for sure pick these up again if I spot them at my grocer.  Yum!

Vegan Cuts August 2013 Box Review

Jim tried out the Food Should Taste Good Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips and really enjoyed them.  He liked that they were gluten-free as well.  He also tried the Snapea Crisps and Nature's Bakery Fig Bar, which he mentioned in passing he liked but I didn't get to press him for details.

Vegan Cuts August 2013 Box Review

Vegan Cuts August 2013 Box Review

There's a few items we have yet to test which we are going to soon.  This includes the Smooze Fruit Ice (which is currently freezing in my freezer), the Seaweed Love Roasted Seaweed, the Viana Mild Jumbo Veggie Snack Sausage to Go (which looks yummy but I can't eat gluten, boo!), and the sample pack.

Vegan Cuts August 2013 Box Review

Vegan Cuts August 2013 Box Review

Vegan Cuts August 2013 Box Review

Vegan Cuts August 2013 Box Review

All in all we really enjoyed everything we got to taste in the box.  It's not too late to order your own August Vegan Cuts Snack Box and try all these items yourself.  Just visit and subscribe today.

Vegan Cuts August 2013 Box Review

Suite Three Oh Six

Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 2 A few weeks back, Jim and I had the opportunity to attend a press only,  food and wine tasting event at Suite Three Oh Six. Suite Three Oh Six is a vegan supper club and cooking academy run by Chef  Daphne Cheng.  I've had the opportunity to try Chef Cheng's creations at several vegan fundraisers she had catered in the past, so needless to say I was really excited leading up to this event.  Her food is phenomenal. Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 11 Chef Cheng is classically trained, though considers herself mostly self-taught.  After attending UC Berkley for a year, she later decided to pursue her culinary dreams and instead move to New York, where she enrolled in the Natural Gourmet Institute.  She is also certified in Plant Based Nutrition through Cornell University. Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 1 Attending an event at Suite Three Oh Six is a very unique experience.  It's a gorgeous, pristine loft space in Tribeca that's been optimized to hold supper club events and culinary classes.  The kitchen really stood out to me.  You could watch everything being made right before your eyes through its glass wall, separating it from the main dining and event space. Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 3 Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 7 Supper clubs take place on select Saturdays each month, and feature entirely different and unannounced menus.  Seating is limited to 16 guests, which makes for an intimate group dining experience. The event I attended was not a supper club demo, but instead a tasting with passed hors d'oeuvres, which were all delicious!  I'm not used to attending an event and getting to try all the passed hor d'oeuvres.  Usually nothing is ever vegan! It was such a pleasure to not have to worry whatever I tried wasn't veg-friendly. I'll most likely be checking out the calendar in the next few months to attend a formal dinner event, I enjoyed it that much. Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 9 Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 8 Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 6 Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 5 Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 12 Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 4 Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 13 Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 14 Suite Three Oh Six is not just available for their own supper clubs and culinary classes, but it's also available to rent as an event space.  For more information on rentals, you can click here. Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 16 Suite Three Oh Six Press Event 15

Chef Daphne Cheng

Have you attended a Suite Three Oh Six event?

My Seed Experience

The Seed Expo 2013 I'm back from San Antonio!  While I had a great time getting to meet up with all my colleagues, customers and vendors I always feel better once I get back to NYC.  I'm such a big city girl it's not even funny. So I got back on Friday, just in time for me to prepare to speak at the Seed on Saturday.  The event was beyond my expectations.  I had a great time not only visiting all the vendor tables and trying lots of food, but also getting to meet and listen to many of the other speakers.  I also finally got to try that Cinnamon Snail truck everyone raves about and OMG was it amazing. If you missed it, I talked about how to transition to a cruelty-free wardrobe, which I had previously posted about here.  To my surprise, during my talk the room completely filled up and was standing room only (aside from the few chairs in the front row, which you see in the photos below).  Cruelty-free fashion is apparently a hot topic! For those of you who attended the Seed and came to see me speak, it was so great to finally get to meet you in person!  I loved getting to meet everyone and hope to get to participate in similar events in the future. The Seed Expo 2013 The Seed Expo 2013 The Seed Expo 2013 The Seed Expo 2013

Guest Post and VeganCuts Giveaway / Traveling Pink Lips- CLOSED

To start of, I would like to thank Corrie for having me here on Brooklyn Bliss. Here's to a check off my bucket list ;) She has helped me make a very rational decision last week, hair cutting involved. Corrie is the girlfriend you want to have around you! She knows fashion, stands for animals and knows how to cook a meal! When Corrie asked me to be a guest blogger, I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you all, a review of my 3-month Vegan Cuts Snack Box subscription! For those of you who don't know, VeganCuts started a movement a little while ago where they ship a monthly box filled with great snacks and coupons. Let's start, shall we?


I started my subscription in February. After hearing a few reviews from the January snack box I knew it was time for me to give in. Now, this review is my personal opinion and taste. Let's keep this in mind :) Alright, back to business, we are. This box was my least favorite of them all.
February Vegan Cuts Snack Box!

My First VeganCuts's Snack Box!

VeganCuts Snack Box Of February!

VeganCuts's Snack Box Of February!

A few of my favorite items in this box were Simply 7 Pomegranate Chips, Dang Coconut Chips, and Surf Sweets Fruity Hearts! This box was sweet and love filled. The Dang Coconut Chips were amazing. I decided to take this box to work and have at it then. I loved them the most. I took the Pure Fit Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip bar with me to a wedding as my "survival snack" just in case this herbivore didn't find anything to bite on. It was enjoyable and a good call! Along with these came one of The Merry Hempsters's Organic Lip Balm, Righteously Raw Divine Mint Chocolate Square and more sweets. The coconut chips and pomegranate chips kept me in good spirit from this box. I give this box a 5.


The month of March was an exciting one! Between my 25th birthday, trip to California and endless work hours, a box in the mail was the perfect wind down! My snack box for the month of March came in right after I came back from LA and I couldn't wait to see what was in store.
VeganCut's March Snack Box!!!

VeganCuts's March Snack Box!!!

Barre Snack Bar, Nyl Body Lotion and Caramel Pops

Barre Snack Bar, Nyl Body Lotion and Caramel Pops!

The Vegg, Earth Balance

The Vegg, Earth Balance, VBar, Falafel Chips, Nyl Body lotion!

WOW! What A Haul!

WOW! What A Haul!

Okay, this box was the complete "redeemer", if you know what I mean! I was SO happy when I opened it. The first thing that caught my eyes and stomach was the Earth Balance Vegan White Aged Cheddar Puffs. I have been hearing about them for a while and I was super excited to finally have a bite at it. Delicious! They taste exactly like the regular puffs but of course MUCH better! Next up, CocomoCorn Caramel Pops, my mum fell in love with them and may have taken the bag from me. That's a good review, right? I had no idea there was such thing as falafel chips so this was a total surprise for me. I wasn't too crazy about them. Perhaps it was because I am not too crazy for falafel? Now, the best part of this box was the Sunflower/Cranberry Vbar!
Cranberry/Sunflower Vbar from Benefit Foods.

Cranberry/Sunflower Vbar from Benefit Foods.

The Best Snack Bar In The World!

Vbar Sunflower/Cranberry From Benefits Foods!

It was the best bar I have ever had in my life. The savory Sunflower Nut Butter is what held this snack bar together. I love cranberries so this was another win. The brown rice cereal gave this Vbar a crispy touch and pleasant joy. I loved this Vbar and I can’t wait until I can find it in stores. If you find the chance to try this bar, go at it! You won't be disappointed! The Equal Exchange Dark Mini Chocolate has been by far my favorite chocolate bar to taste. It was smooth and rich and not too dense. I was expecting a robust taste like other dark chocolate bars but not this one! Overall this box was exciting, I got to taste some awesome new products on the market and fell in love with chocolate. I give this box a 7.


And this was the month is the end of so ends my snack box subscription. I have had a lot of fun with this subscription. And I hate to see it go. I am thinking about renewing for another 3-month but I guess I will see what the May box holds.. I may have gone for another, hehe.
April's Vegan Snack Box From Vegan Cuts

April's Vegan Snack Box From Vegan Cuts!

Favourite Box This Month!

Favourite Box This Month!

Cheeze Me, Please!

Cheeze Me, Please!

The ultimate win of the month! I was very happy, excited and ready to dig into this box. Some of the products sent I already had a taste at. One of my favorite products from this box was the Hazelnut Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee from Teecciano. Wow! I never thought I'd see the day.
Hazelnut Flavoured Herbal Coffee From Teecciano!

Hazelnut Flavoured Herbal Coffee From Teecciano!

Everyone knows I love coffee! I can't help it; it is one of the things signed under my name. This herbal coffee was delicious. I was impressed. I didn't think I would have enjoyed it. The hazelnut flavor was sweet and just right. I must admit, I was little skeptical after reading the ingredient list to find "dates" which I am not too much of a fan of but I couldn't taste it one bit. Fantastic!
New Products I Have Yet Tried!

New Products, Yes Please!

I am currently using Meow Meow Tweet Cocoa Lip Balm and I like it a lot, minimal ingredients [candelilla wax, *cocoa butter, *hempseed oil, and *virgin coconut oil (*certified organic)] and the ultimate moisture. I have yet to try Milas's Roasted Peppers & Artichoke Bruschetta but I can already tell I will enjoy it. Overall, this box was great and I loved it. It was a nice one to end this snack box relationship. Included was one of Teese's Mozzarella Vegan Cheese was the cherry on the top. Of course I made pizza right away! I give this box a 9.

Final Verdict:

Vegan Cuts's Snack Box is a must try! You are guaranteed to find new products and tons of coupons. If you're not ready to plunge into a 3-month subscription no problem, you can try it for a month for $19.95 shipping included. You can't say no to that. Each box is filled with great sized-snacks and products to love, forever. Can't find the products in your local store? Don't fret, Vegan Cuts also provides a section with a product list of the month! Note: Caring is sharing! This is my personal review and honest opinion, eh! Unless otherwise stated, everything I review has been purchased by me and at my own risk! -TPL NOW on to the fun stuff, a giveaway! Yes, a giveaway :) One lucky winner will get the chance to experience their very own VeganCuts's Monthly Snack Box! This box will be given by me, Holly of Traveling Pink Lips and will be for the month of June. And also open to both Canada & US!

TPL & Brooklyn Bliss Giveaway!!!

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  3. Leave a comment below and share with us which one of these boxes would have made it on your favorite list and why.

This giveaway is open until May 24th, 11:59pm EST. Open to both Canada & US!

I'd like to thank, Corrie for having me on Brooklyn Bliss and I look forward to read all of your entries :) You can find more of me on where I share restaurant reviews, product reviews and personal rant. It is lovely do stop by! -TravelingPinkLips

I’m Speaking at the Seed!

TheSeedAnnouncement I am so excited to finally get to announce this! The Seed is a huge vegan event being held from May 18th and 19th here in NYC at 82 Mercer.  There will be lots of delicious vegan food, products, services, world-renowned speakers, films, and more.  Best part about the Seed is it's designed around a more "veg-curious" crowd, meaning if you are not currently vegan but are interested in the lifestyle, it's a great place to come on out and see what it's all about. To my surprise, the organizers of the event  have invited me to be a featured speaker!  I'm not exactly sure which date I'll be speaking just yet, but will be sure to let everyone know once it's been announced.  I'll be talking about how to best represent the vegan cause through what you wear and how to transition your wardrobe to a cruelty-free one. I'm honored to be included with a huge variety of renowned speakers in the vegan community, all of which you can see here.  I had a near freak out seeing my name directly next to Brendan Brazier.  His Thrive Sports Nutrition Diet and Vega Sport Performance Protein is keeping me on track with my Crossfit goals so he's been a huge inspiration for me! Will you be attending the Seed?  If so I'd love to meet you so let me know!

Reader Feedback Needed

Camera Roll-1993 As I prepare to get the blog up and running again, I'm really curious as to what topics and posts my readers enjoy the most. I'd love your feedback! What are your favorite posts? In general over the years I've tended to stick to below categories.
  • Veganism (including how it fits into all the categories below)
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion/Styling
  • Shopping  (Vegan Versions)
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Organization/Household
  • Personal Posts (What's Going on in My Life)
  • Health/Fitness
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Recipes
Some ideas I have for future posts I wanted to run past you guys include:
  • Ask Corrie- Ask me anything! Can be fashion related, veganism related, etc.
  • Compassion Fashion- Featuring my readers and others who love compassionate fashion.
  • Link Roundups
  • Interview Series- I'd interview important vegans you'd like to hear from.
  • Vegan Crossfitting- We're a minority in the sport, and since I've been in the community for a few months now I have enough knowledge to start to write about it.
Let me know what you'd like to see in upcoming posts in the comments section below. If I didn't cover something above that you'd like to see, be sure to let me know! I'm open to all suggestions. What's are your favorite posts on Brooklyn Bliss?

Gwynnett Street

Gwynnett Street Last Thursday evening, Jim and I participated in Dine Out Williamsburg for Sandy Relief. Gwynnett Street was a participating restaurant, and we've been dying to try it out for a while. What better way to try out a fancy new bistro than a night when 20% of their gross profits are going to provide relief to Sandy victims? Gwynnett Street This meal totally impressed me.  Gwynnett Street is very vegan friendly.  So much so, they always have a vegan appetizer, entrée and dessert on their menu at any given time. Jim started out with their Whiskey Bread, which wasn't vegan but vegetarian.  It came with cultured butter and looked delicious.  I wish it was vegan, it looked so yummy it was torture looking at it. Gwynnett Street For my appetizer I had the winter squash with bell pepper, szechuan pepper and peppercress.  Holy moly this was delicious.  Textures were great.  The squash had a nice bite to it, the herbs were flash fried, and it also had what I believe were pepitas throughout it which gave it additional crunch against the soft vermicelli noodles.  The sauce was delicately sweet and had a hint of citrus.  It was also probably one of the most gorgeously plated vegan dishes I think I've ever had. Gwynnett Street For my entrée, I finally got to try their tofu.  This restaurant like Roberta's was awarded a two star review by the New York Times, and the reviewer raved about their house made tofu. This night it was prepared crusted in pistachio with avocado, celery and celtuce.  The texture was more reminiscent of a pate to me, and it had a great pistachio crust.  Very light and tasty, perfectly paired with the raw avocado, celery and celtuce (which I think is a combination between celery and lettuce?). Gwynnett Street What absolutely made my night is when the waitress told me the chef was going to come up with a specialty vegan dessert for me.  She later came back out with what I believe was a sorbet with poached pears, fall spices (lots of cinnamon), a nut cream sauce, and fresh berries.  This was as delicious and seasonal as it sounds.  Isn't the plating beautiful? Gwynnett Street I was extremely pleased with my meal at Gwynett Street and will for sure be back.  It's now one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood. Have you tried the vegan options at Gwynett Street?  What did you think?

Robertas Pizza

Roberta's Last Saturday, Jim and I dropped off a load of Sandy Relief donations at Roberta's Pizza in Bushwick. We had never eaten there, and figured we'd stay for lunch. That's not to say we haven't tried to eat there before. Last time we tried it was closed down due to these folks eating there. If you're unfamiliar with Roberta's, the restaurant somewhat pioneered the Brooklyn food scene and has given Brooklyn a rep for having restaurants just as good as Manhattan, if not better. In fact, the New York Times awarded them a two star review.  I don't know they're entire history and story but do know that they actually grow a lot of the produce they use on site. Roberta's There was of course a wait when we arrived.  They have an additional bar outdoors in a heated tent, so we sat out there for a bit while we waited for our table. Roberta's Roberta's Roberta's All the seating is pretty much shared.  So we were sat with another couple on one side and a family of four on the other, all at the same table. Roberta's I informed the waitress I was vegan and asked what she recommended, and she was very accommodating. I was recommended the Delicata Salad minus the cheese, which was roasted delicata squash with pea shoots and what I'm guessing was a pumpkin seed dressing.  It was absolutely phenomenal.  After the first bite I understood why Roberta's was awarded those two stars. Roberta's They also made their hash brown potatoes minus the pork hash for Jim.  It wasn't vegan due to butter, so I couldn't have it.  He ate the entire thing so I know it must have been delicious. Roberta's Can't go to Roberta's without trying the pizza.  The Rosso pie is on their standard menu and is  vegan.  It's very simple with a flavorful garlic tomato sauce.  This pizza was by far the best pizza I've ever had in New York.  The crust was perfection, light and crunchy, not too heavy.  I wouldn't even think of bastardizing this with a layer of daiya.  And I LOVE daiya.  It was that good without it. The food is just too good not to go again and again.  I'm really looking forward to my next visit. Roberta's Roberta's

Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger My BFF Nikki and I have been finding it's pretty tough to get together lately. We're both so busy with work, and she's living in Manhattan while I'm obviously in Brooklyn. That may not seem like it's that far, but it's far enough not to be super convenient to get together, especially being such over-career-achievers.  So what we've been doing lately to make it a priority to see each other  is doing dinner every few weeks, and alternating between new places to try in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Last week, the dinner spot we chose was my absolute favorite, Wild Ginger. If you're vegan and have yet to try them out, make sure you stop by there while visiting NYC. There's several locations ranging from Manhattan to Brooklyn. We decided to meet up at the Williamsburg one in my neighborhood. I'm not ashamed to admit I order take out from here waaaay too often.  We gorged on some of my favorites, including their miso soup, fried spinach and "cheese" wontons (the sauce is to die for!), general tso's soy protein, and finished up the meal with a good ol' peanut butter bomb! Wild Ginger Wild Ginger Wild Ginger Wild Ginger Wild Ginger Wild Ginger Wild Ginger Wild Ginger
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