What to Wear to a Brooklyn Wedding

Sharon and Erik's Wedding WHAT I'M WEARING // DRESS Vintage 80's, thrifted (similar here) // JACKET Gracia, via Lit Boutique in Boston (similar here) // SHOES Olsen Haus (old) // CLUTCH Target // EARRINGS Jewelmint

It's been forever since I've done an outfit post for you guys, so here you go!

This past weekend Jim and I attended our friends Sharon & Erik's wedding.  It was held here in Williamsburg at the swank King & Grove Hotel.  This was a really interesting wedding to dress for, because per the invite it said "Wear What You'd Like" and we knew it was going to be a mix of hipsters, fashion industry peeps (the Groom owns a successful street wear label) and other pretty casual folks.

Jim and I took an edgier approach.  Jim got my vote for best dressed dude, pairing a really awesome graphic tee with his old wedding tux and cool sneakers.

I scored this awesome vintage 80's denim bodycon dress while thrifting the weekend before and the second I saw it knew it was perfect to wear to this wedding.  My faux leather Gracia jacket Jim got me as a gift on our recent visit to Boston is almost too perfect with it, considering the banding on the jacket complimented the banding of the dress.

I knew I was going to be dancing the night away, and my Olsen Haus cage heels are some of the most comfortable heels I own, and they worked perfect!  Added the edge I was looking for with this outfit, while allowing me to dance and run around Williamsburg for hours after the wedding.

Sharon and Erik's Wedding Sharon and Erik's Wedding

Sharon and Erik's Wedding

This wedding was so much fun, and it was all captured best in the reception's photo booth!  Me, the bride Sharon and our friend Glenna (who you may remember from my Wanderlust trip) are in the first two strips.  I love the middle one where we're imitating yoga poses, very appropriate considering our recent adventure.  The last one features me, Jim, Glenna and her husband Tony livin' it up!

Sharon and Erik's Wedding - Photobootg Pics

What did you wear to the last wedding you attended?


Anjolee Anjolee Jewelers contacted me several months ago and offered me the opportunity to custom design my own jewelry. I was super excited, because the last time I had jewelry custom designed, it was my wedding band, so it's been a while since I could be creative when it comes to jewelry. Also, checking out their website they had some beautiful pieces. In particular their bracelets and custom pendants are gorgeous. They asked me to pick my favorite styles from their website along with my favorite gem stones, and they were going to surprise me with the final gift. A short while later, I received this beautifully wrapped package in the mail, along with these beauties. Lucky for me, these garnet earrings look fab with my new hair color and will be the perfect accessory for me this coming Valentine's Day. Anjolee Anjolee Anjolee Anjolee


Cleopatra What I'm Wearing / ASOS Maxi Dress / ASOS Bib Necklace / ASOS Earrings / ASOS Arm Cuff I had actually purchased my entire costume coincidentally from ASOS last year but never had the opportunity to wear it. Last October we had an early snow storm on Halloween, and I didn't feel like going out to parties in a skimpy maxi dress while freezing my tukas off. This year Jim and I hit up party this past Saturday, so I finally had an opportunity to wear what I put together to be Cleopatra, and I was super happy with the results! Usually I'd spend bank on a crappy polyester getup at Ricky's and this was the first year I decided to be creative and buy my costume using "real" clothing items I can now re-wear. Not only did my costume look way high quality, but I can wear the rest of the stuff now that Halloween is over. Actually, I've been wearing that bib necklace non stop since I got it last October. Just sayin. Cleopatra Cleopatra Cleopatra P.S. Thanks to everyone who has messaged me on Twitter regarding Hurricane Sandy and how Jim and I were doing.  I'm happy to report both us and our families and friends are safe.  For Jim and I there was very minimal damage to our neighborhood which we are very thankful for.  It may take NYC a bit to get back up and running again, but I have complete confidence it won't take long.  New Yorkers are crazy efficient and we don't stop for anything, not even a hurricane.

I Only Dance If There’s a Pole

Day Twelve 1-Display {Jumpsuit: Target; Blazer: Calvin Klein (thrifted); Heels: Payless; Earrings: Forever21; Cuff: H&M}
This past Saturday, I attended my Uncle's 65th birthday party all the way out east on Long Island. The event was a surprise party, so my Aunt had instructed everyone to wear "wedding attire" since my Uncle had thought he was attending a friends daughter's wedding. I'm really glad I had decided to include my convertible 70's style jumpsuit in my 30 for 30 challenge since it worked perfectly for this event. The party was one to remember. My family likes to go all out when it comes to parties. There was a DJ, beautiful centerpieces, lots of delicious food and plenty of drinks. Day Twelve 2 Day Twelve 3 Day Twelve 4 Oh, and there were cigar rollers! I love me a good cigar, I'm totally weird that way. Day Twelve 5 My absolute, favorite part of the evening was getting to see my Great Aunt. She back a few years ago had moved to Arizona, and it's been really difficult for her to get back to New to visit us or for us to go and visit her. My Dad managed to get her to NY as a surprise for my Uncle. She's totally one of a kind. She's in her 80's, hilarious and has a horrendous potty mouth. To give you an idea, I asked her if she wanted to dance with me and she told me "I only dance if there is a pole involved!". I was dying! I am beyond happy I got to see her! Corrie & Aunt Nancy I love you Auntie!

Waiting for Fall

It is so ridiculously hot here in Brooklyn today I can't stand it.  It's not too humid, but it's still pretty unbearable.  To make the heat even worse, I got several packages delivered to work today with all the new items I recently purchased to complete my fall wardrobe.  Everything from over the knee boots, to comfy slouchy sweaters and layering pieces.  Ugh.  All I want is to wear this stuff now but it's 102 degrees out.  Yuck.  Fall can't come fast enough. What I'm Wearing: Maxi Dress: Century 21 Blouse: Score Swap Meet Find Belt: H&M Sandals: Alloy Earrings: Junk in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bracelet: Thrifted

Pixellated Houndstooth

This dress is probably one of my favorite stoop sale finds... ever.  While at stoop sale this weekend with the hubby, I spotted this sheath dress on a rack and was instantly drawn to the houndstooth pattern.  Little did I realize that up close it actually looks more like pixellated space invaders!  The dress was a size 4 (I'm usually a 6) but it was only $5 so I took the plunge and decided to buy it.  So glad I did, the thing fits like a glove!  As a happy bonus I guess I'm now a size 4.  What I'm Wearing: Dress: Stoop Sale Find- Jessica Simpson (who knew she had a clothing line?  I didn't!) Earrings: Bejeweled (the old store on Graham Ave) Heels: Payless


Last thursday I found myself with some time to kill so I ducked into Forever 21 for a quick sec to see what they had.  That store gives me a headache there's so much stuff in it.  Amongst the racks and racks of stuff this op-artish top jumped out at me.  I've really been drawn to black and white patterns lately and even without trying it on I knew it would flatter me being its drawn it at the waist.  Considering that and looking at the $15 price tag, I figured I'd be silly not to get it.  Glad I did, I lurves it! What I'm Wearing: Tank Blouse: Forever 21 Jeggings: Hue (purchased at Bloomingdale's) Clogs: Qupid Belt: Gift Earrings: Junk (in Williamsburg) Sunglasses: Love Brigade

It’s Hawt Outside

I knew it was going to be in the upper 90's today so I dressed appropriately.  Easy breezy.  On my drive home my car thermometer reached 98 degrees, which may or may not be accurate but hell that's freaking hot! Finally got my presentation completed for the big day tomorrow, so when I got home I enjoyed some takeout with the hubby and furbabies and watched of all movies the Blind Slide.  And get this, I actually enjoyed it.  Damn you feel good movies! Crazy freaking day planned for tomorrow between the big EVP visit as well as a bunch of errands I have to run after work.  Wish me luck! Adios I better catch some zzzz's. What I'm Wearing: Dress: Yard Sale Find, originally from Target I think Shoes: Target Sunglasses: Simply Vera for Kohl's Earrings: Accessories Shop whose name I can't remember on 14th street in NYC, I think they're out of business.

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