Times Are A’Changin’

Ultrasound & What to Expect When You're Expecting

It's weird, I've been putting off writing this post forever.  Probably more because I've been embarrassed I haven't posted anything on this blog since May.  But it's been with good reason.

I'm pregnant!!

Yes, you read that right.  I'm currently a little over 4 months along.  The reason I've been MIA for the past several months is because I had the most awful, horrible case of morning sickness.  Not the type that makes you puke all the time thankfully.  But the kind that makes you nauseous 24-7 for weeks on end.  That on top of the hideous stench New York City takes on during the summer months pretty much forced me indoors for close to three months.  I couldn't even walk Portia.  Bless Jim, besides just taking care of me he also held down the household like a champ.  I couldn't have survived the duration without him.

So needless to say, we're super excited!  We had been wanting to have children for a while now, and it's still hard to believe by March of next year baby Feld will make his or her debut!

There is one, very solid benefit to me being out of commission for the last several months.  It gave me a lot of time to reflect on my life, both past, present and future.  A large part of what I've been reflecting on is how I spend my free time.  As you may or may not know, I work as an Executive and work anywhere between 50-60 hours a week.  I absolutely love my career, and have no plans of changing any of that when lil' Feld arrives.  With close to 11 hours of my day accounted for with work alone, once a baby enters the picture I need to be really smart with the rest of my free time.

This blog falls into the realm of "things that take up my free time".  Like I mentioned regarding my career, if I absolutely love doing something, I have zero issue with it eating into what little free time I have.  Crossfit is a great example of this for me.  I make the time because I love doing it.  This blog used to be that way for me, and what I began to realize is over the years I started posting less and less, until I arrived at this point.  Truth is I really love blogging.  So why has my passion for it fizzled so drastically?

The realization I came to is I'm a totally different person now than when I started this site in 2010.  It was the height of the street and personal style blogger era.  Back then, I didn't even have what I'd call my own personal style.  My wardrobe was boring and bland.  I had the same haircut for over 15 years.  I was in a sad state.  That's the primary reason I created this website.  Inspired by all the other style bloggers, I wanted my own space to publicly document what I wore and therefore make it easier to evaluate what worked and didn't work for me.  I also wanted to show people vegan style didn't have to be boho and boring.  In essence, I created Brooklyn Bliss for me in efforts to make myself a better version of myself.  All told, the site served it's purpose in that aspect.  I am extremely confident now with how I put myself together, and what my overall style aesthetic has become.  It's a fun bonus since I started blogging that readers have since started following me, and using my site as a resource on where and how to shop for stylish vegan goods.

Looking back, I now realize that maybe two or three years ago, right after I my 30th birthday when Jim and I started seriously discussing having a family, the blogs I was following started to change.  I usually try to only subscribe to around 10 feeds at a time, and now when you look at my feed there aren't any more personal style bloggers.  It's all been replaced instead by family and lifestyle bloggers.

These days I find following people's day to day lives and activities way more interesting than what someone is wearing.  Granted, many of these bloggers are still insanely stylish in every aspect of their lives (wardrobes, homes, etc), the key thing that draws me to each and every one I follow is that they've created lives totally unique to themselves that both they and their families are happy with.  I love following along with all the unique experiences and activities they have with their families, trips they take, meals they make, and more.  They are actually living life.  Sometimes I'd often feel like I'm wasting my life on television, the internet and worrying about what I'm going to wear or buy.  This is one of the big reasons I've been adopting a more minimalist mindset over the past year or so.

In realizing that, it now makes sense to me why I don't post as often these days.  I had created a space that's known specifically for (my) vegan fashion choices, and have for years felt obligated to stick to those topics.  I felt if I didn't have time to get good outfit photos outside, it's not worth me putting any post together.  But if my life no longer revolves around the subject of my blog, it's no wonder why I have been procrastinating on posting and keeping up with my social media.  Hell, it's difficult to come up with topics to write about if you're not engrossed in it's subject daily anymore!

Back a few weeks ago, I had actually mentioned to Jim I was thinking about shutting the site down.  His response really surprised me, considering at one point the amount of time I was spending on the blog was a sore subject between the two of us.  "Why shut it down now when you already have over 4 years invested in it?"  He's 100% right.  So I've decided if I'm going to keep the site, the site's going to have to learn to change along with me.  Even before coming up with new ideas on what I actually want to post about, I started working on a graphic re-design of the site and little by little hacking away at it.  This new design I feel is more "Current Corrie".  It's clean, minimalistic, with a hint of urban edge.  Much more so than my old pink-stenciled graffiti design.

My life is changing drastically within the next year.  So it's not so illogical to not think my blog shouldn't either if I still want to include it in my list of "things that take up my free time".  Does this mean I'll never post outfits?  Of course not. Just expect the format to be a bit different.  Instead of staged shots showing every element of my outfit, expect to see more shots of me out and actually doing things, but wearing an awesome outfit.  I always loved doing travel posts, restaurant reviews, and documenting day trips and things to do around my city.  Expect to still see those.  The big change I think will be to no longer expect formal outfit and shopping posts.  Granted, shopping posts about adorable baby outfits and gear I'm sure will make an appearance.  But I promise to keep it at a minimum.

One thing I for sure promise you is not to make this an over-the-top "Mommy" blog.  The way I view Brooklyn Bliss is simple, it's a blog about my own, blissful life in Brooklyn.  Being a new Mom will be a new aspect of my life, but not my entire life.  I really look forward to sharing these new changes in my life with you, and (hopefully) in the years to come.

P.S.- in case you are interested, here's the video Jim and I created and posted to our social media to announce our pregnancy to our friends and family.

Blogging Breaks and Traveling Pink Lips Vegan Cuts Box Giveaway Winner

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After the Seed and my work travel to San Antonio, I've been crazy busier than expected. All good stuff, but my work hours have been longer, my social calendar more packed, and I've just had zero time to blog! This all bums me out, but I have a lot of great stuff that's happened since my last post, as well as coming up in the next several weeks so I'm expecting July will be jam-packed with lots of post content.  Between me leaving for Wanderlust in Vermont this week, a long weekend in Philly for a wedding and Jim and my annual 4th of July trip to Boston, I'll have no shortage of updates once I return from this hopefully short-lived blogging break. In the event you still want to follow along with me on my travels, you can always feel free to check in with me on Twitter or Instagram.  I'm still relatively active on those during my blogging breaks. In the meantime, with all this business I totally spaced out and forgot to announce the Traveling Pink Lips VeganCuts giveaway winner! And the winner is (drum roll please)... 417894_482369738499570_93810368_n Erica Wollman! Erica, please contact me for Holly's (at Traveling Pink Lips) contact info so you can claim your prize. I hope everyone's been enjoying their summer so far and you'll hear from me again soon!

Reader Feedback Needed

Camera Roll-1993 As I prepare to get the blog up and running again, I'm really curious as to what topics and posts my readers enjoy the most. I'd love your feedback! What are your favorite posts? In general over the years I've tended to stick to below categories.
  • Veganism (including how it fits into all the categories below)
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion/Styling
  • Shopping  (Vegan Versions)
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Organization/Household
  • Personal Posts (What's Going on in My Life)
  • Health/Fitness
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Recipes
Some ideas I have for future posts I wanted to run past you guys include:
  • Ask Corrie- Ask me anything! Can be fashion related, veganism related, etc.
  • Compassion Fashion- Featuring my readers and others who love compassionate fashion.
  • Link Roundups
  • Interview Series- I'd interview important vegans you'd like to hear from.
  • Vegan Crossfitting- We're a minority in the sport, and since I've been in the community for a few months now I have enough knowledge to start to write about it.
Let me know what you'd like to see in upcoming posts in the comments section below. If I didn't cover something above that you'd like to see, be sure to let me know! I'm open to all suggestions. What's are your favorite posts on Brooklyn Bliss?

Weekend In Pictures 3/13/11

Diner Booth

We finally found a traditional, cheap-o dinner in our neighborhood!

Awesome Tin Ceiling at Diner

Most awesome tin ceiling ever.

Diner Grub

Vegan hangover breakfast: Veggie Omlette minus the egg and hashbrowns.

Street Art in Our Neighborhood

Cool street art spotted in our neighborhood.

Apple Store in Chelsea.

Portia at the Apple Store

Portia chillin at the Apple Store

IPad 2


14th Street Sidewalk Seating

Little outdoor seating area in Chelsea at 14th Street.

Street Art by Lorimer L Train

Awesome street art right above the Lorimer Avenue L Train Entrance/Exit.

Nap Time

Blogging From Bed

Blogging from bed.

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