2013 Year in Review

2013 was a whirlwind year for me. It was full of exciting travel, career highlights, visits with faraway friends and more. Looking back I'm amazed I packed as much into this year as I did. I've traveled twelve times this year and been at the airport to catch flights over six times.  Some of the places I've visited include Las Vegas, Baltimore, Los Cabos, San Antonio, Vermont, Philadelphia, Boston, Virginia, the Finger Lakes and other towns in Upstate New York, San Francisco, Sonoma and Denver.  Usually, most of my travel is for business.  This past year I did a lot of traveling with friends, or with Jim.  This was beyond awesome and I now have so many memories from this past year to look back on. Cabo Sunset Cruise 2013 Anniversary Trip: Finger Lakes 2013 Anniversary Trip: Finger Lakes 2013 Wanderlust Vermont 2013 97 I also got to see not one, but both of my best friends from college.  They came to visit NYC and stay with us from as far as Germany and Chicago.  While it would have been amazing to get to see them both at the same time, I am so grateful to get whatever time I have with them either together or apart.  Seeing these two faces in person was one of the highlights of my year. Gina and Mark Visit NYC Camera Roll-1779 Speaking of friends, I also had the honor of being Matron of Honor for my best friend Nikki's wedding.  I had so much fun planning her bridal shower and bachelorette parties.  She had the most beautiful, small and intimate wedding I'm so happy for her and honored to be a part of it. My Best Friend's Wedding I also after talking about it for the past two years finally chopped off all my hair! Haircut Appointment 2013 What I'm most proud of this past year is having accomplished one of my 2013 resolutions, which was to get in the best shape of my life.  I became a total Crossfit junkie, and watched myself over the past year set lifting records I never dreamed I could accomplish.  I also did two competitions, which was a lot of fun!  Needless to say I'm hooked.  I'm looking forward to changing things up a bit in 2014, where I'll probably focus more on OLY (Olympic Lifting) than Crossfit being I seem to perform pretty well at that sport with minimal formal training. Intrepid Civilian Military Combine Christmas Throwdown All in all, I'm pretty happy with how my 2013 turned out. Happy New Year Everyone!